First Bouviers go to new homes and Dany leads the charge!


So last week was eventful.  The vet came and gave the pups a clean bill of health and their vaccinations.  She was very impressed by my brood and said how much nicer and better behaved they are than those silly Labradoodles.  (Sorry Labradoodles but that is what she said – apparently the vets dread having them come into the surgery because they’re so jumpy and daft!)

Then it was off to new homes for Tyrion, Sansa and Arya who were all washed and brushed ready for their new mums and dads.  Tyrion liked being groomed so much he came back for a second session and fell asleep! I must admit that I felt a bit sad seeing them off but then I remembered how nice it was to roll in the grass in the sun.  The puppies all snuggled up on the knees of their new owners and never gave us a backwards glance.  All three have settled in well and our toilet training has paid off.  It’s nice to know that they have gone to such good homes.

The remaining puppies seem to have suddenly grown to fill the space available (like goldfish?).  On Saturday night we heard a tremendous crash and suddenly a tsunami of excited puppies burst through the locked catflap into the house! 

Dany and Cersei leave us this Saturday and then we have just two pups left to sell from the three boys left and we can’t quite decide who to keep.  How to choose from handsome Eddard with his white chin and eyebrows, gorgeous Jaime (above) and sweet Drogo?


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